#11 — Shiny Shopping Spree

Today we’re going on a shopping spree. ¥€$, let’s see what we will put in our shopping cart!

Voices: Lara Stumpf, Mr Machine
Broadcast: Resonance Extra


Floristic Regions — Fresh
Titus Probst — Briefe
식료품groceries — Aisle 1 (Earth Tones, Rectangles and Fake Plants)
Marianne Rosenberg — Herz aus Glas
Disconscious — Enter Through the Lobby
Alexander Marcus — Papaya
Alexander Marcus — Ciao Ciao Bella
Alexander Marcus — 1, 2, 3
猫 シ Corp. — Special Discount
Alex Puddu — Lusty Nurses
猫 シ Corp. — Campus Coffee
A. G. Cook — Windowlicker
猫 シ Corp. — 1-800-473-5000
kane west — preview
Yasuaki Shimizu — Tachikawa
Tom Jones — We Can Work It Out
ECO VIRTUAL — Bermuda High
Roy Ayers — Everybody Loves the Sunshine