#17 — Vaporwave is dead, long live Vaporwave!

Vita brevis breviter in brevi finietur,  
Mors venit velociter quae neminem veretur,  
Omnia mors perimit et nulli miseretur.  
Ad mortem festinamus peccare desistamus.    

Voices: Lara Stumpf, Mr Machine
Broadcast: Resonance Extra


天気予報 — 局
Sandtimer — Public Service Announcement
Sport3000 — D i g i t a l F o r e c a s t
Macintosh Pro — リサフランク420 / 新しいゲーム+
Macintosh Pro — 静かな州
Vitaprise SoftWorks Ltd — Yours (In a World of Constantly Changing Consumer Needs)
MindSpring Memories — if(The > ghosts); of(“java”);
Mindspring Memories — ⓗ ε △▽ ε ⓝ
PowerPCME — Rubbermaid
Phantom Hubbard — emerging atmosphere
NET DEATH — Internet Utopia
バーチャルSound Terminal — どうやって I Lost My Mind
Start-Up シーケンス — D o n ‘ t f e e l s t r a n g e r . . .
商業 TV — Nice To Meet You
Giant Claw — Soft Channel 003


The “Vaporwave is Alive” Challenge | Let’s share 5 albums each with our community, no older than 2016, that you feel are quite different from each other yet still fall under the vaporwave umbrella! 😇💖🌆🏙

How many Vaporwave artists are women?

[Weekly Sticky] A couple of years later…