#20 — Music for Introspection

Introspection: It’s like inserting a mirror in our mind. This episode’s mirror is made of reflective meditation and internal reconfiguration.

Voices: Lara Stumpf, Mr Machine
Broadcast: Resonance Extra


Infinity Frequencies — Under the city
Infinity Frequencies — Collapse
死夢VANITY — f a n t a s y 真夜中のアパート
회사AUTO — Premier Ordinateur (feat. Golden Living Room)
James Ferraro — Lovesick
Oneohtrix Point Never — Inside World
Eddie Heywood — Soft Summer Breeze
Terry Riley — Lifespan IV. In the Summer
Sun Ra & His Arkestra — Rocket Number Nine
Sport3000 — another dream
Casiopea — Midnight Rendezvous
Larry Chernicoff — Heart Of The City (Gallery of Air)
Penthouse Apartment — Cinque
Danai & Maroudas & Orch — Arabella
雲雲 — 永度春宵
Sport3000 — 3 - D W e a t h e r I n f o r m a t i o n
Shawn Hansen — Grasslands