#8 — Speculative Product Tests

What if products had a new meaning? What if we could use them in other ways? Why is this train going so fast? Is this the future? And if it is the future, is it a good future?

Voices: Lara Stumpf, Mr Machine


Frank Zappa — Sofa, No. 1
Claude Denjean — Sugar, Sugar
Mort Garson — Hair
Unknown — Nekoosa Paper
Włodzimierz Kotoński — Etiuda na jedno uderzenie w talerz
Raymond Scott — Portofino #1
Арсенал — Эстафета
Н. Соколов — Сафари
Bolter — Zapomnisz o wczorajszym dniu
Оригинал — Сен Қайдан Биласан
Henryk Debich — Kameleon
BagelBoy — whomst.mp4
Isao Tomita — Arabesque No. 1
Johnny Cash and Friends — Houston Hash1
Гρуппа Валентина Бадьярова — Старт
Гρуппа Валентина Бадьярова — Пробуждение
The Tornados — Telstar
Mark Wirtz — You Never Can Stay in One Place
Chips — Ich warte
UB40 — I Got You Babe
The Beatles — We Can Work It Out

  1. Apparently, this is only an impersonation of Johnny Cash.