NO — The Music Show for The Weird And The Wonderful

The music show for the weird and the wonderful exploring lunatic electroacoustics. Weird, lunatic, crazy: What does that mean? And who are you? Every freak, every lunatic, every special person is invited to listen to this radio programme.

Broadcast: Resonance Extra


death’s dynamic shroud.wmv — モンタージュ
Compay Segundo — Guantanamera
Darksleep — Glimpse Back
Cypress Hill — Insane in the Brain
(Corrupted) Technologies — Last Party
Strange Aoens — Swimming (interlude)
Strange Aoens — Iraq says roller disco
Steinski — Jazz
Peter Brötzmann & Heather Leigh — Sex Tape 1
Jon Bap — The Interdependence of Everything
Laibach — Geburt Einer Nation
Joseph Beuys — Sonne statt Reagan
Miri Kat — I <3 Cats
John Oswald — Cyfer
Negativland — I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (Special Edit Radio Mix)
Dorninger — Relation, Etappe der Beliebigkeit
ewa justka — sequencer + voice odder
Paul Lansky, Hannah MacKay — Idle Chatter
Edwin Starr — War
Trevor Wishart — VOX 5
Kurt Schwitter — Simultangedicht kaa gee dee, WW, boo, naa, bii büll ree, Obervogelsang, Niesscherzo e Hunstenscherzo, The real disuda of the nightmare
░▒▓新しいデラックスライフ▓▒░ — あなたの人生を更新「░▒▓新しいデラックスライフ▓▒░」
Sentimental Rave — 4am
Marsimoto — Alice im WLAN Land
Terry Riley — You’re Nogood
Heino — Das Polenmädchen